Powering Commercial Refrigeration

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ShelfX was established in 2011 and is a leading provider of unattended retail in the commercial refrigeration space. The technology can be deployed in secured fixtures to allow consumers to purchase any item in any quantity right at the shelf. No cashiers, no lines, no product scanning, no RFID stickers. ShelfX is a global company with hundreds of active fixtures in many countries around the world operating in many languages and currencies.

In order to enable the payment functionality, inventory control and replenishment, ShelfX needed reliable internet connectivity. ShelfX began going through cellular carriers directly for connectivity but were running into issues with location availability and the burden of setting up their own servers. Wanting an all-in-one solution that could take care of their connectivity needs, ShelfX turned to OptConnect.

About ShelfX

ShelfX is a mobile self-checkout and inventory management solution for commercial refrigeration at retail stores. With ShelfX, there is no such thing as a line. Customers enter the store, shop for their products and leave. But in between, something revolutionary happens. This mobile self-checkout solution greets customers by name, tells them what they have purchased, offers discounts and additional suggestions based on their customer profile, and processes their payment. ShelfX makes all of this happen while helping vendors efficiently track inventory and stock merchandise in their store. ShelfX works with a company called True Manufacturing, who makes the fridges, and ShelfX provides the system that gives the fridges the ability to be smart.

Their Need

ShelfX’s technology is based on weight sensing plates. This technology allows consumers to walk up to a fixture, present payment, take items from the shelf and walk away. The charge for the items taken is applied to the shoppers account which receives an email receipt detailing the purchase.

An integral part of ShelfX being able to function means having reliable connectivity to power their product. ShelfX needed a managed connectivity solution that would make implementation easy and monitoring simple no matter the location. ShelfX officially partnered with OptConnect in November of 2015.

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“OptConnect has really simplified our lives. Smart fridges require connectivity to be interactive and OptConnect’s neo2 product has really helped us to provide maximum uptime and efficiency.”

Ran Margalit

Founder and CEO at ShelfX

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The Solution

ShelfX needed a compact, powerful device that would provide high speed connectivity, so they chose the neo2 router. The ShelfX system now comes with a 5V power supply port for the neo2 to hook up to so customers can easily incorporate OptConnect into their solution. The ShelfX system is then easily installed into an existing fridge, freezer, or shelving fixture. Once connected, the ShelfX system can then provide alerts for food safety, anti-theft, as well as providing real-time customer support via their app.

ShelfX also provides a cloud-based software ecosystem which lets consumers set up and manage their account online. The software lets merchants manage their operations with a mobile based management application called Xmanager.

Working with ShelfX

As more and more people want to buy fresh foods and not eat from a vending machine, what ShelfX provides is becoming more predominant. “Smart fridges are a great solution for providing fresh and healthy foods for consumers,” said Margalit. “Moving into the future, we hope to continue to expand globally into more countries and keep providing a futuristic experience for retail.”

neo2: Compact and Powerful

With nearly twice the speed, twice the carrier coverage, and twice the connectivity power, neo2 is the next evolution in OptConnect’s fully managed cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things. neo2 is a compact LTE Category 4 multi-carrier cellular router perfectly suited for commercial refrigeration, kiosks, micro markets, digital signs and other applications that require high-speed connectivity, dual ethernet ports, and the peace of mind of redundant carrier connections.

OptConnect took everything customers love about neo and made it twice as good. Specifically, ShelfX was interested in the dual-carrier functionality of the neo2, especially for maximum in a mission critical deployment with perishable food items. With dualcarrier, the router will automatically switch between Verizon and AT&T for the best connection possible. The creation of neo2 has set the bar high for commercial refrigeration connectivity.


“I would recommend OptConnect because it works right out of the box, it’s easy to set up, and we have zero issues. Though we appreciate having access to 24/7 customer support, we haven’t even needed it because of how well the product works.”

Ran Margalit

Founder and CEO at ShelfX


Commercial Refrigeration Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for the commercial refrigeration space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your commercial refrigeration deployment simple and secure. Our recently launched neo2, a dual-carrier LTE Category 4 router, is optimal for the commercial refrigeration market. Additionally, our managed, end-to-end service allows operators to add OptConnect to commercial refrigeration without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.