Simplified ATM Connectivity and Communication

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eGlobal is one of North America's largest providers of full ATM placement and processing services to merchants and partners for the hospitality, convenience, and retail industries. Three out of the four largest hotel chains, and many of the largest convenience store chains in the United States, trust eGlobal for their ATM programs.

Starting out with DSL and dial-up landlines for connectivity, eGlobal needed more reliable connectivity with faster speed. As one of the largest registered independent service operators (ISOs) in the U.S., eGlobal knew they needed a new solution that could keep up with their business. That's when they partnered with OptConnect.

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About eGlobal

Founded in 2000, eGlobal has become one of the largest providers of turnkey ATM placement and transaction processing solutions in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Their ATM programs are tailored specifically for the various needs of their customers in industries such as hospitality, convenience, retail, and more.

As a trusted ISO, eGlobal is the premier distributor for ATM manufacturers, such as Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle, Triton, Genmega, and NCR. Each ATM service they implement is strategically designed to maximize income for businesses, their customers, all while minimizing their need to manage ATM terminals

Their Need

There was a time when wireless connectivity was still a brand new concept for many businesses. As buzz began to grow around wireless, eGlobal wanted to find a wireless connectivity provider that could give them an overall better experience than the DSL and dial-up landlines they had been using for connectivity. eGlobal evaluated OptConnect and found that it was more affordable than DSL and faster than dial-up landline speeds.

"In the early days, we could use standard DSL, and there were some benefits, but we were limited on what we could do as far as connectivity and access to our terminals," said Glade Jones. "With OptConnect, we were able to have a quicker turnaround when it came to fixing issues, and we like that their solution gave us total control over our ATMs."

With OptConnect proving to be the right connectivity provider for the company, eGlobal officially partnered with OptConnect in 2009.

“We made the decision to partner with OptConnect so that we were able to connect directly into our terminals and monitor balances, see journal reports, clear errors, make updates, and push screen graphics.”

Glade Jones

Operations Manager at eGlobal

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The Solution

After partnering with OptConnect, eGlobal started using OC-3250 routers for their ATMs. While they still utilize these routers in the field, eGlobal is getting ready to transition to OC-4100 routers as 3G is being phased out. This upgrade to 4G is a process that OptConnect handles for every client, making it easy for them to stay connected with the latest cellular technology.

With a focus on delivering an industry-leading ATM performance uptime for their customers, partnering with OptConnect has proved to be a winning combination for eGlobal, with 1 million transactions taking place per month on OptConnect-powered ATMs.

"OptConnect gave us better reliability and connectivity with their solution,” said Jones. “We also really liked the fact that OptConnect’s platform, Summit, gave us total control over our ATM terminals."

Event Pulse and Summit

Taking their connectivity solution even further, eGlobal has utilized OptConnect’s Event Pulse feature and Summit platform. Event Pulse is a feature that gives specific connections priority in crowded spaces. Their ATMs are able to process transactions reliably even when the network is overloaded with additional traffic. “Event Pulse has been ideal for our higher volume terminals,” said Jones. “It’s really minimized communication errors and has provided a more consistent service.

Additionally, in Summit, customers can see exactly how their OptConnect cellular devices are working, watch for signal strength issues, associate them with their equipment identifiers, and even connect their back-office computer systems or customer-facing platforms via the Summit API. "Summit is easy to navigate and has a lot of great real-time information like 4G identifiers and location updates," said Jones.

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Working with eGlobal

As eGlobal looks toward the future, they are focused on continued organic growth, both in the retail space and in the Financial Institution market. With a passion for providing better tools and services to its customers, eGlobal is putting itself at the forefront of ISO success.

"eGlobal is a highly efficient ATM operator and ISO that focuses on customer service and reliability,” said Blake Barber, OptConnect Key Accounts Manager. “They have been and continue to be a great strategic industry partner. eGlobal puts significant thought and effort into each ATM placement which allows them to maintain their high standards and reputation in the industry.”

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"OptConnect has made our lives easy and I feel like we're being catered to. I know I can contact our account rep anytime and receive a quick response to an order or a question. We have a lot of quick turnaround times, and OptConnect realizes that. Even if we need something shipped out the same day, OptConnect always gets the job done."

Glade Jones

Operations Manager at eGlobal

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ATM Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for ATMs, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your ATM deployment simple and secure. We provide a fully-managed service, supplying hardware, network connections from all of North America’s major carriers, and support services. Managed, end-to-end service allows ATM operators to add OptConnect to ATMs without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.