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Need to control something remotely?

Need to capture data and send to the Cloud to run analytics?

Or how about both?

    OptConnect has helped 3000+ customers connect

    or control 200k+ devices.

    When developing a custom IoT Solution, you need to ask the following questions:

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    Problem Identification

    Have you identified a problem or business opportunity that needs or can be solved with an IoT solution?

    Business Case

    How big is the said problem or opportunity? How much is the problem costing the business and is it big enough to warrant a solution? 

    Internal Capability

    Does your team have the capacity and knowledge to manage an IoT solution?

    Successfully integrating the necessary IoT components can create significant value.

    Application Platform

    Cloud software that stores data and is ready to be analyzed or interface needed to interact with remote IoT devices.


    Fixed or wireless connection is required to transmit data or to enable remote control.  Most IoT solution use some of form of a wide area wireless network connectivity.

    Hardware Device

    Device that is used to collect data or perform some form a remote function that creates value for end-user. Selecting or building a device at the right price point is crucial to the IoT solution’s success.

    Integrate Connectivity

    Looking to build something custom? Let us help.

    Building an IoT Solution is difficult and likely to fail. OptConnect can help your de-risk your IoT project and improve your chances of getting your IoT Solution to market.