Robust Connectivity for Digital Payments

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Based in New York, Automatic industries services multiple locations and installs laundry equipment in common area laundry rooms for apartments, condos, co-ops, marinas, military bases, camps and schools. The company started out using onsite internet for each location but ran into many issues including security and poor technical support from Internet Service Providers (ISP's).

That’s when the company began looking for a robust connectivity solution that could support each unique location. Automatic Industries now partners with OptConnect for all of their connectivity needs. This is enabling cashless payments and digital transformation that the company has been strategically moving towards.

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About Automatic Industries

Founded by Bob Savino in 1971, Automatic Industries is now led by Denise Savino-Erichsen, Bob’s daughter, who is a second-generation owner. The company prides itself on excellent service, responding to all calls within 24 hours, offering Saturday service and dispatching on Sundays for emergencies. There is more to operating a laundry room than just collecting money.

That is why Automatic Industries focuses so heavily on maintenance and customer service and support. This attention to all aspects of the laundry experience has been a great differentiator and has lead many laundry clients to Automatic Industries.

Their Need

With locations looking to go coinless and switch over to cashless payments, Automatic Industries needed a more reliable cost effective source for connectivity to support this digital shift. Originally using onsite Wi-Fi at each location, the company was running into issues with certain locations not able to get internet as well as the expense of trying to run internet directly through an internet service provider.

Wanting direct access to their connectivity source, Automatic Industries began looking for a connectivity solution they could have more control over. Their search led them to OptConnect and our fully managed connectivity solution that has solved all of their previous struggles.

“Working directly with the Internet Service Providers proved to be tough. There were times where it would take weeks just to get a request approved and implemented. We began looking for a connectivity solution we could count on, and that’s when we partnered with OptConnect.”

Adam Grieshaber

General Manager at Automatic Industries

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The Solution

With mobile payments completely dependent on internet connectivity, Automatic Industries wanted a connectivity solution with optimized uptime. For superior connectivity and convenience, Automatic Industries currently uses OptConnect mylos to connect their locations. Mylo is OptConnect’s newest product, bringing together innovation and peace of mind for operators.

"mylo has worked well for us and it's rare that we have any downtime,” said Grieshaber. “OptConnect provides a reliable solution that we know will work every single time."

OptConnect mylo for Laundry Operations

OptConnect mylo is a brand new, special class dual-carrier 4G/5G CAT M1 modem. This means that it connects to AT&T and Verizon networks — automatically switching between them to the most reliable connection possible. This gives laundry operators peace of mind knowing that if one ISP's goes down for any reason, mylo can automatically switch to the other ISP's to keep their business running.

OptConnect mylo was built specifically for payment transaction type applications using the latest 5G LTE Category M1 cellular technology that offers many unique benefits. OptConnect mylo connects farther away from towers, can be placed deeper in buildings, and is immune from congested networks.

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Working with Automatic Industries

Moving into the future, Automatic Industries is focused on transitioning out of a physical card solution and into a fully mobile payment enabled business. For many years, many laundry operators were strictly coin op but with the innovation of laundry payments over the last few decades, Automatic Industries wants to be able to stay ahead of the curve with mobile payments. Automatic Industries is striving to be on the cutting edge of technology and has a lot of potential to expand in the coming years.

"Automatic Industries has been progressive and open-minded when it comes to employing technology to increase revenue and enhance the customer experience," said Brian Gill, Sr. National Sales Manager at OptConnect. "Before establishing a partnership, we asked Denise and Adam to try OptConnect in their toughest and most challenging locations where other connectivity solutions had failed them to really put us to the test. When we were able to solve their connectivity issues in their most challenging locations they quickly realized they could trust our managed solution.”

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“I recommend OptConnect because it’s quick, inexpensive, and reliable, especially when dealing with credit card applications. We also enjoy the ability to use OptConnect’s Summit platform to see our device statuses in real time.”

Adam Grieshaber

General Manager at Automatic Industries

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Commercial Laundry Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for the solar monitoring space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your solar deployment simple and secure. Additionally, our managed, end-to-end service allows solar operators to add OptConnect to solar monitoring systems without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.