Consistent Uptime for Full-Service ATMs

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ATM USA is a nationally-recognized and trusted partner of high-quality, turnkey ATM equipment and services. They help their partners gain visibility, ensure positive brand experiences, and deliver convenience to their customers. The company was created to provide the ATM marketplace with a truly full-service ATM program that helps companies and organizations maximize their internal resources as well as profits.

Utilizing phone lines and onsite DSL connections, ATM USA was running into issues with extremely slow connectivity and outdated equipment. That’s when they turned to OptConnect for streamlined connectivity and support.

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Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, ATM USA manages ATMs for large financial institutions and small credit unions. In addition, they also deploy their own turnkey ATMs. The company helps large organizations gain visibility, ensures positive brand experiences, and even helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses while delivering convenience to their customers.

The company recognized that uptime is one of the most critical factors in the success of an ATM and has made it a key focus in their business to provide the best connectivity possible for their customers.

Their Need

Prior to using OptConnect, ATM USA was relying on phone lines and onsite DSL connections. This was leading to extremely slow speed, outdated equipment, and a lack of monitoring/control. In addition, even when they got new equipment, it did not pair well with the analog phone lines. The lead time was also a deterring factor, having to wait ten days or more to get a phone line up and running.

"We wanted full control of our ATMs, and we didn't have inbound access to actually connect to the machines," said Jeff Wood, Lead Tech Support at ATM USA. "When OptConnect was presented to us, we liked that their solution would give us full control over those machines."

At an industry conference, ATM USA came across OptConnect, and after comparing them to other wireless service providers, they officially partnered with OptConnect in February of 2010.

"We dealt with a couple of other providers, but OptConnect had the best bang for our buck along with the best support. We needed to be able to troubleshoot whenever there was an issue, and with OptConnect, we can do that."

Tony Mercer

Director of Operations at ATM USA

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The Solution

After partnering with OptConnect, ATM USA began leveraging CAT-1 routers to power their connectivity needs, and although the connectivity has proved reliable for them, they say the most notable difference is the customer support. One of the most critical things we get from OptConnect is the backend support,” said Mercer. “When we call OptConnect, we know that someone will always be there to answer the phone. They do the best job out there and truly have the best support staff.”

Beyond reliable customer support, ATM USA is also a big fan of OptConnect's warranty process. "I have always been impressed with the warranty process at OptConnect," said Jeff Wood, Lead Tech Support at ATM USA. "I like that we can have routers shipped overnight at our request and that if a router ever goes down, we can have it back and running within 24 hours."

Utilizing Summit

One of the main features ATM USA utilizes from OptConnect is a platform called Summit. Summit is OptConnect’s robust, monitoring platform that enables customers to have access to their wireless portfolio wherever you go. This platform allows them to conveniently view and manage their devices from your phone, tablet, or computer.

"Summit is a great tool because I don't have to call in when I need a router status and I can tell how it's performing because it provides real-time status for each device," said Wood. "We used to have to do the status assessments ourselves, and now Summit takes care of all of that for us."

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Working with ATM USA

Moving forward, ATM USA wants to be a one-stop solution for financial institutions to manage their upgrades, cash vendors, service vendors, and ATM fleets. Striving to be the premier solution for Fortune 500 banks to small mom and pop branches, ATM USA is continuing to grow and scale, and OptConnect is proud to be apart of their solution.

“ATM USA is one of the most organized ATM operators we work with,” said Eric Smart, Key Accounts Manager. “They are extremely easy to work with and meticulously document things for us. I feel like they genuinely care about all of their customers in a similar way that OptConnect does. I think that is why our partnership has been so successful is that we both have a common goal, and that is the end-user satisfaction. We certainly appreciate being a part of the solution ATM USA offers.”


"I recommend OptConnect because the support is the best in the industry and they do a great job communicating with customers. Uptime means everything to us, and OptConnect is a vital part of keeping our uptime where it needs to be."

Tony Mercer

Director of Operations at ATM USA

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ATM Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for ATMs, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your ATM deployment simple and secure. We provide a fully-managed service, supplying hardware, network connections from all of North America’s major carriers, and support services. Managed, end-to-end service allows ATM operators to add OptConnect to ATMs without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.