Commercial Laundry Goes Digital

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Statewide Machinery, a family-owned business, is a Commercial Laundry Provider that sells laundry equipment, parts, and design services, in New York and Northern Pennsylvania. Their locations include the best-known colleges and universities, apartment complexes and laundromats, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and motels. Founded in 1954, Statewide Machinery features commercial washers, commercial dryers, and Card Op equipment from Speed Queen, and Unimac.

In recent years, as Statewide began selling newer laundry machines, they needed connectivity to enable their card stations. Going direct through a carrier for connectivity, they started experiencing issues and needed a new way to connect their coin-operated laundry machines for greater reliability and enhanced customer support. That's when Statewide partnered with OptConnect.

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About Statewide Machinery

With over 65 years of experience in commercial laundry, Statewide helps operators with everything from design, to installation, to successful management. With one of the largest inventories in the country, customers throughout the United States rely on Statewide to provide the hard-to-find parts that keep their laundry equipment running.

Also, Statewide has service centers that spread out across the state of New York, with service techs who live in those areas. Being strategically located like this allows their customers to get local service at their sites, efficiently and professionally.

Their Need

As the laundry market has evolved, so have the machines. Today it’s easy to find laundry machines that can be controlled with just a few clicks on an app. However, to function, these machines need reliable and secure connectivity. As Statewide began selling newer laundry machines, they needed connectivity to power their card stations.

Having gone through a carrier directly for connectivity, Statewide began running into connectivity issues, sometimes having to reprogram machines twice just to get them to run efficiently. Statewide also felt that they weren’t getting the support that they needed from their carrier, yet they were paying a high monthly price. However, some of the biggest issues for them were not being able to rely on the connectivity to help them to view machine status, issue refunds, and other relevant points of data.

"Having so many issues with the carrier we were using at the time, the card station provider that we worked with suggested OptConnect, so we tried it out," said Jeremy Warner, Route Sales Manager at Statewide Machinery. "From the beginning, we've had zero issues with OptConnect managing our connectivity. We know we can rely on them." Getting the connectivity and support they needed, Statewide partnered with OptConnect in May of 2018.

"With OptConnect's reliable connectivity, we can now offer credit card acceptance, which is ultimately helping us to create more revenue."


Jeremy Warner

Route Sales Manager at Statewide Machinery

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The Solution

After partnering with OptConnect, Statewide began using OC-4100 routers and SIM Cards to power their laundry machines. Being that many of these laundry machines are newer innovative models, they require connectivity that is robust enough to support their features.

"The support we've received from OptConnect has helped us a lot," said Warner. "The tech support staff are very knowledgeable and it's easy for us to call in or shoot over an email to get help with whatever we need. Often times when we need to order more routers or SIM cards, it's as easy as sending an email and we know that they'll get shipped out that same day."


Utilizing OC-4100 & SIM Cards

The OC-4100 is a wireless 4G LTE Cat 1 modem that was designed for lower data consuming devices like ATMs, laundry machines, and payment systems. The modem has two ethernet ports that allow for easy connectivity for OptReboot or for running multiple devices at a time like a laundry machine and a payment system. Additionally, OptConnect's SIM Cards provide a more flexible, more robust, lower-cost option for customers looking for SIM cards with service for their devices.

“In the past, we always had to buy routers and SIM Cards separately,” said Warner. “So we love that now we are able to order them together through OptConnect. OptConnect’s connectivity solutions have worked well for us, with zero issues.”

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Working with Statewide Machinery

With the commercial laundry market continuing to grow, Statewide is focused on growing its business well into the future with the latest laundry machines and connectivity available. Putting out card stations that are able to access innovative features is important to their business, as well as being able to view and analyze the status of their machines on the back end. Brian Gill, Sr. National Sales Manager at OptConnect, says that Statewide is doing a great job in preparing its customers for the digital transformation.

“I have known the Statewide Machinery team for many years as we previously worked together in the vending industry," said Brian Gill, Sr. National Sales Manager at OptConnect. "Statewide is a company that is forward-thinking with a first-mover approach towards implementing and leveraging new technology for a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as to optimize overall operational efficiencies. OptConnect shares a very similar vision towards how we operate our own business, so our partnership with Statewide Machinery was a natural fit to help deliver a best in class customer experience.”

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“I would absolutely recommend OptConnect because of the support and the ease of ordering new routers. The fact that we get access to the right tools that help us operate correctly is very beneficial for us.”

Jeremy Warner

Route Sales Manager at Statewide Machinery

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Commercial Laundry Connectivity

As the premier managed wireless solutions for the commercial laundry space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your commercial laundry deployment simple and secure. In fact, we recently launched mylo, a dual-carrier 5G CAT M1 router that is optimal for the low speed applications like payment processing in the commercial laundry market. Additionally, our managed, end-to-end service allows commercial laundry operators to add OptConnect to laundry machines without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.