High-Quality Connectivity for High-Tech Laundry Machines

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Mission Laundry Equipment has been providing high quality laundry machines and services to the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991. Over their 25+ years of business, Mission Laundry Equipment is still family owned and operated, but has grown into serving the entire Bay Area, Monterey Bay and Central Valley from Fresno up through Sacramento and everything in between.

Serving multiple clients, Mission Laundry needed connectivity to support multiple new features for their users as well as direct access to device statuses and data usage on the back end. Wanting robust connectivity, Mission Laundry partnered with OptConnect.

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About Mission Laundry

Mission Laundry Equipment Started in 1991 with one man out of San Jose, servicing the South Bay Area. His strong work ethic helped make the company thrive and those principles are instilled into every one of their employees. Being a local company, Mission Laundry trains all of their own technicians in-house and do not rely on outsourcing their repairs to other companies or general appliance repair technicians.

As more technology is intertwined into appliances, they are continuing to train their service techs to be able to identify any problems and repair them in a timely manner.

Their Need

In the last few years, Mission laundry has switched over their business model from domestic rentals to commercial rentals. These commercial rentals require robust connectivity that can support a wide range of features, including mobile apps. For example, some mobile apps give users the ability to be notified when laundry machines open up, when loads finish, and more. Mission Laundry had previously went through carriers directly for connectivity, but were running into a lack of support and technical knowledge.

“Being new to connectivity, I wasn’t too sure how the managed portion came into play,” said Dragomanovich. “However, once I spoke to Brian at OptConnect, it was clear that it was going to be a good move for us. Especially considering how many connectivity issues we had previously when going through carriers directly.”

Needing connectivity that could support their laundry machines ability to connect to mobile apps to access innovative features, Mission Laundry partnered with OptConnect in July of 2019.

"I really like that I don’t have to worry about my connectivity with OptConnect. Getting connectivity through our previous solution was a tedious process whenever we needed help. With OptConnect, we have peace of mind knowing that it just works without us having to do anything."

Adam Dragomanovich

Co-Owner and Vice President at Mission Laundry

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The Solution

After partnering with OptConnect, Mission Laundry began leveraging 4100 routers to power their connectivity needs. This was a very different experience for them when previously they had gone directly through carriers. In addition to the ease and simplicity of OptConnect’s plug & play devices, Mission Laundry also cited that they appreciate the pricing and value of the service.

“When I think about the value we get from OptConnect, they really are the more inexpensive options in comparison to other cellular connectivity providers that are out there,” said Dragomanovich. “This makes our laundry service packages easier to sell because we can bundle the machines, connectivity, and support all for a low price.”

Direct Access Through Summit

One of the main features Mission Laundry utilizes is our online platform, Summit. Summit is OptConnect’s robust, monitoring platform that enables customers to have access to their wireless portfolio wherever they go. This platform allows them to conveniently view and manage their devices from their phone, tablet, or computer.

“Summit helps us to connect directly to our machines,” said Dragomanovich. “We use the platform to see real-time statuses of our equipment so that we can get ahead of any issues. We like that we’re able to see how our machines are doing with just a few clicks. This in turn has helped us to save money because we don’t have to send out a technician to diagnose the issue every single time.”

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Working with Mission Laundry

For Mission Laundry, going digital has proven to be a lot lower maintenance for the company as coins don’t get jammed up. Because of this, Mission Laundry wants to continue to get their customers to go digital, which is helping to solidify their partnership with OptConnect’s connectivity solution since it enables those digital features.

“We found a true partner in Adam Dragomanovich and the folks at Mission Laundry,” said Brian Gill, Senior National Sales Manager at OptConnect. “They are of the more diverse and innovative companies we work with. We have experienced how they genuinely care about all of their customer base in a similar way that OptConnect does. I think that is why our partnership has been so successful. Both companies are very passionate about consistently delivering a best in class customer experience by leveraging state of the art technology.”

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“I recommend OptConnect because of their value and simplicity. OptConnect is an inexpensive option for high quality connectivity and we appreciate that. Being able to have direct access to our machines in case there are any issues means a lot to us.”

Adam Dragomanovich

Co-Owner and Vice President at Mission Laundry

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Commercial Laundry Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for the commercial laundry space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your commercial laundry deployment simple and secure. Our managed, end-to-end service allows commercial laundry operators to add OptConnect to laundry machines without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.