Cellular Backup You Can Count On

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BCC Payments is an innovative leader in vending payments and credit card processing, known best for their product, The Laundry Boss™. Built by laundry owners for laundry owners, The Laundry Boss is a uniquely innovative system leveraging cloud technology to simplify business operations while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Serving multiple locations all over the country, BCC Payments needed a cellular backup option for their harder to reach locations like some RV resorts and apartment complexes. That’s when BCC Payments partnered with OptConnect to backup each and every one of their locations.

About BCC Payments

BCC Payments was founded by Charlie Pasquale, a Philadelphia-area businessman with years of experience in owning and managing laundromats and a leader in the laundry industry. Charlie built the company by partnering with inventive technologists who were able to bring his vision to life. Today these professionals are, together, BCC Payments, the creators of The Laundry Boss™. With The Laundry Boss™ system, hardware is free.

Instead of thousands of dollars in upfront costs, the customer simply pays a monthly fee per machine for the payment processing and ultimately controls the service that The Laundry Boss™ provides. In turn, actual costs over time are greatly reduced by more than half, almost two-thirds in most cases.

Their Need

With more and more laundry businesses going coinless, laundry operators have begun looking for more accountability in their payment systems. With BCC Payments, and specifically The Laundry Boss™, operator’s facilities can remain coin operated but can also take credit cards. This system also comes with in-depth reporting and analytics. This gives operators the opportunity to track customer loyalty programs, upsell opportunities, wash trends, and more.

With so many locations and some of them being rural, BCC Payments wanted to ensure that they had cellular backup for each and every location in case they ran into any issues with local Wi-Fi. Looking for reliable backup routers, BCC Payments partnered with OptConnect to solve that need and provide the robust solution they needed.

"One of our customers at the time actually introduced us to OptConnect and we like how affordable and dependable the service was. We still work with places that are using DSL to connect their machines so it’s vital that we have cellular backup for places like that. “

Wagner Lopez

Sales Manager at BCC Payments

Laundry Boss Machine

The Solution

After partnering with OptConnect, BCC Payments began using OptConnect neos for backup at all of their locations. neo is a compact, powerful 4G LTE Category 3 router that is ideal for markets like kiosks, digital signage, Point of Sale, ATMs, and more. neo has a single ethernet port and comes with a rugged aircraft aluminum case, full router capabilities, Verizon and AT&T options, and more. Additionally, neo’s modular antennas and flexible mounting options help it to deliver speed and wide coverage.

With the recent launch of OptConnect’s newest innovative router, BCC Payments is now getting ready to utilize OptConnect mylo, a dual-carrier, special class LTE 4G/5G router. mylo is specifically designed for ATM, POS, and sensor applications using the latest cellular technology that offers benefits not seen before, including superior connectivity, better congestion performance, multi-carrier redundancy, magnetic feet for easy installation, all bundled together with OptConnect’s industry-leading fully managed solutions.

Providing More Control for Operations

With The Laundry Boss™, you can save money while getting more control than ever over your operation. Features of the product include:

Web control. The Laundry Boss allows you to log into your personal dashboard on the Web, click on a specific store, and view the status of any individual machine at any moment.

Complete accounting. With The Laundry Boss in place, you’ll have a record of every transaction made in your place of business. Pull reports and access information any time.

Digital wallet management. Manage specials, provide customers with bonus money, add value to accounts via cash or credit card. The Laundry Boss puts you readily in charge of it all from wherever you are.

Support Access. Access to their phone support team 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and email or live chat with their team for on-the-spot support.

All of these features are enabled and supported by OptConnect’s reliable connectivity. With OptConnect’s fully managed solution, BCC Payments has the peace of mind knowing they have the best available hardware, strongest carrier networks, secure private IP connections, access to the industry’s best 24/7/365 Customer Care Center, real-time monitoring and management and so much more.

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Working with BCC Payments

Moving forward, BCC Payments is focused on becoming a one-stop-shop for laundry businesses. “We want to be able to include an OptConnect device for backup with every laundry solution we sell,” said Wagner Lopez, Sales Manager at BCC Payments. “We are constantly growing and we want to be able to continue the reliability that we are providing now for our customers.”

Brian Gill, Sr. National Sales Manager at OptConnect, says that BCC Payments has a game-changing product. “Our goal with BCC Payments was to bring reliable and secure connectivity services so the end use customer could do their laundry without unforeseen interruption or delays. As our business relationship rapidly grew in total deployments over the initial 18 months of working together, it became evident that they would be an ideal fit for our OptConnect Partner Program which was put in place to allow for a shared approach and marketing strategy to address the growing and ever-changing M2M connectivity needs in the laundry market.”


“I definitely recommend OptConnect because they’re reliable, tech-savvy, and very knowledgeable. It’s nice to feel like we’re all on the same page when it comes to our business and our connectivity.”

Wagner Lopez

Sales Manager at BCC Payments

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Commercial Laundry Connectivity 

As the premier wireless data provider for the solar monitoring space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your solar deployment simple and secure. Additionally, our managed, end-to-end service allows solar operators to add OptConnect to solar monitoring systems without introducing a complicated, time consuming new step in the process.