Bringing Content to Life with Digital Signage

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OptConnect’s mission is to connect the world. In the same way, Adrenaline strives to connect people with brands. One way they do this is by optimizing content and populating it across cutting-edge digital signage. Looking for connectivity that could fuel the latest in retail technology, Adrenaline turned to OptConnect.

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About Adrenaline

Established to redefine the way companies and consumers interact, Adrenaline is an experience design agency with offices across the country. They offer a series of strategic services including branding, advertising, technology, and culture that shape the way consumers experience a brand, both in person and across digital channels, like digital signage. The result is disruptive experience design that creates brand immersion—converting brand affection into consumer action.

“We help to create brands and translate them into physical and digital spaces,” said Chelsea Hinkel, marketing manager at Adrenaline. “People experience a brand a million different ways and we help put those experiences together under one umbrella.”

Their Need

With technology advancing at the speed of light, connectivity in digital signage is always priority number one. Existing connectivity solutions were deemed unreliable and outdated, so Adrenaline turned to OptConnect. The company knew they would solve more client challenges if they started providing cost-effective broadband solutions as part of their digital signage offering. Ultimately, Adrenaline wanted to have more control over the execution and service of their network and really own end-to-end customer satisfaction and network performance.

Having worked with OptConnect at a previous company, Mark Dodge, Adrenaline’s senior director of business operations, suggested his team consider OptConnect’s managed wireless solutions. Based on Dodge’s recommendation, Adrenaline began working with OptConnect in February of 2018.

“We really wanted to find a cost-effective, consistent, no-brainer solution that would give us the uptime we were looking for. That's when we turned to OptConnect."

Mark Dodge

Senior Director of Business Operations at Adrenaline

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The Solution

Since choosing OptConnect, Adrenaline has been utilizing neos and OptReboots for their connectivity needs. Their technology requirements include digital media, sound, and data mapping, so connectivity is essential for them. OptConnect empowers Adrenaline to be flexible with how they deploy certain technologies, allowing for mobility where necessary.

“Working with OptConnect has been seamless because of their remote monitoring system, ease of deployment, and focused customer service,” said Dodge. “The results are vastly improved network uptime, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a better internal service operation.”

Data Mapping and Engagement 

Retail technology can include a broad base of variables, but client engagement and data mapping are a main focus for Adrenaline. Their data mapping, for example, can look at specific datasets from the digital signage and deliver valuable information like key demographics. These kinds of metrics and analytics are the future of Adrenaline.

"We want to provide a lot more process automation, so we can help make decisions in collaboration with our marketing partners about how to develop campaigns that meet their branding efforts and requirements,” said Dodge. “OptConnect has helped us grow our adoption rate for our new technologies, ultimately enabling efficiency and promoting positive ROI in the retail space."

In addition to reliable connectivity, OptConnect has also provided Adrenaline with exceptional customer service. “Working with OptConnect has been great. They are very honest, direct, and supportive of everything we’re trying to achieve,” said Dodge. “They have been really engaged in our roadmap and have helped us to make sure we are hitting all the points we need to stay on track. Overall, OptConnect has helped us increase our delivery time and has enabled us to provide the best service and support for our client base.”

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Working with Adrenaline

Providing leading-edge digital signage services, Adrenaline needed a reliable wireless solution and quickly saw the value OptConnect could deliver with our industrial grade routers and dependable service. “Adrenaline has been proactive, thorough, and great to work with as we’ve tested, piloted, and even gone live at countless customer sites nationwide,” said Andrew DeLaMare, Key Accounts Manager at OptConnect.

“The single biggest aide that we have been able to provide is the dependable connection that we offer so that Adrenaline and their clients can now have peace of mind that all is working properly for their entire network.”

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“Partnering with OptConnect has been a really smart business decision. From a service perspective, our reliability has skyrocketed and we’ve been able to solve service disruptions with locations we’ve had issues with in the past. Added customer service capabilities – like being able to manage remotely – are excellent features for us to maintain a reliable digital media network.”

Mark Dodge

Senior Director of Business Operations at Adrenaline

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Digital Signage Connectivity 

OptConnect provides wireless network connectivity for a variety of digital signage applications. Our solution provides a flexible, more robust option for digital signage content delivery and management. We provide a fully-managed service, supplying hardware, network connections from all of North America's major carriers, and support services. Managed, end-to-end service allows integrators to add OptConnect to product offerings without introducing a complicated, time-consuming new step in the process.