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Founded in 2008, 365 Retail Markets has continuously grown to be a powerhouse in the retail market industry. In their tenure, they have dominated the vending, micro market, and dining space with over 12,000 devices in the market.

As their footprint grew, an opportunity arose and 365 saw a need to offer their customers superior security. In their search to offer customers reliable hardware paired with optimized connectivity, 365 Retail Markets partnered with OptConnect.

About 365 Retail Markets

In 2008, 365 Retail Markets was started in a garage, with three hard working friends. Since then, Joe Hessling has built his team to over 180 employees and expanded 365’s business to deliver superior technology and service across the entire country.

With tens of thousands of payment centers in the marketplace, 365 has been expanding their offerings beyond Micro Markets to encompass a broad range of self-service and payment solutions for any size market.

Their Need

As most of their customers relied on big cellular providers, 365 Retail Markets was finding that their customers weren’t getting the support they needed to run their businesses day-to-day.

“The turnaround for outages was long, problematic, and difficult to maneuver,” said Joe Rogan, Chief Financial Officer at 365 Retail Markets. “OptConnect came in with a more hands on approach, offering more services for our customers to really understand their connectivity issues.”

"Many of our customers’ clients do not allow third parties to utilize their networks because of potential data breaches and the alternative of installing a dedicated DSL line is costly and is not always an option. Therefore, we needed to provide a robust, cellular solution. The OptConnect device along with 365’s products and support gives our customers peace of mind for all their markets big or small."

Joe Rogan

Chief Financial Officer at 365 Retail Markets

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365 Products

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The Solution

With the need for a secure connectivity provider, 365 consulted with a vending industry expert and were referred to OptConnect. OptConnect then worked with 365 to create a solution that their customers could count on. Since partnering with OptConnect in January of 2017, 60% of 365 Retail Markets shipments now include OptConnect devices as a standard part. "As a result of our relationship we have migrated all of our cellular needs over to OptConnect," said Rogan.

OptConnect’s Managed Connectivity Solution allows 365 to avoid delays in dealing with local IT departments and start generating revenue faster. With 365 as a Certified Partner of OptConnect, both companies have greatly benefited from such a solid partnership. In addition to offering OptConnect with their existing products, 365 Retail Markets recently introduced the nanomarket™ which will also offer OptConnect connectivity. The 365 nanomarket is a modern, cashless self-checkout kiosk for smaller client locations and breakrooms.

365 also offers a nanoconnect, a robust all-in-one networking solution, that includes the OptConnect Cellular router along with 365’s PCI Certified router in one compact package. This purpose-built solution is designed to provide a secure and individualized internet connection, allowing you to get your device online wherever it may be located.

The Future of 365

In the coming year and beyond 365 sees significant growth around the globe. They will be expanding overseas and in the US while developing innovative technology to enhance mobile and cashless platforms. Their goal is to help their clients run their business as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime and as little hassle cause by technology partners as possible.

“We want to continue to solve any customer issues as they arise and we never want connectivity to be an issue for them, we want to make it as frictionless as possible” said Rogan. “We wanted to be able to offer a seamless solution for our customers to have some peace of mind, working with OptConnect has helped us to do that.”

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Working with 365

Here at OptConnect we believe in making communication simpler, faster, and easier. We created our Certified Partner Program to empower those who share that same vision.

“365 Retail Markets is an innovative company that is continuously moving forward with positive energy,” said Andrew DeLaMare, Sales Director — Key Accounts. “They truly live and breathe their solutions, there’s not a single employee that can’t tell you all about their technology and solutions. They continuously push forward their proprietary self-service technology, bringing their customers the best possible solutions.”


“I recommend OptConnect because it’s a great value and it provides our customers with peace of mind. It's one less thing to worry about. OptConnect is very responsive to our customer’s needs and that’s very important to us.”

Joe Rogan

Chief Financial Officer at 365 Retail Markets

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Micro Market Connectivity 

OptConnect provides wireless network connectivity for Micro Market systems of any size. OptConnect’s plug and play ability, reduced downtime, and cost savings all work together to bring you the best connectivity possible. In addition, the ease of deployment simplifies the whole process by bringing you easy to use, powerful technology. If you need wireless network connectivity in a custom application, look to OptConnect to provide the hardware, network connection, management, and support you need.